According to reports, in the months leading to major holidays online merchants report an increase in carding activities on their platforms. Carders target websites that don't have adequate protection against their bots. Serious carders, such as Bestccshoponline, Buycvvcheap and Vbvccshop, take advantage of knowledge gained during previous attacks. These bots can bypass the ecommerce website completely. Therefore, bots can avoid detection. It's hard for a website to mitigate a bot as it mimics the actions of a user. The only difference is low chargeback thresholds and transaction volumes.

Carders, such as Highbalanceccshop, Ltdccshop and Cccvvshoponline, are huge marketplaces that sell only one thing: payment cards. For example, one such market was infiltrated with over 26 million payment card data removed. Buyers can get this data encoded into a magnetic strip of a fake card and use it to buy items online, laundry money or commit fraud. Larger websites, such as Amazingdumpsshop and Cheapccshop, can offer millions of cards they have in stock. However, buyers need to use these fake cards quickly. If a cardholder suspects something and reports to the bank, the card will become inactive.